Hair Problems and Solutions

  Hair Problems and Solutions
 - Having build up ?  Wash your scalp and hair .

- Experiencing breakage ?  bring on your moisture game. Hair could easily break off if not moisturized even when in protective style. Also reduce manipulation .

- Hair tangles a lot ? - Protective styles are your hair ends savers

 - Having split ends? - Let them go, cut them off

 - Hair is strong? - Try moisture deep conditioning regularly. .

-Hair is limp? - Do a protein treatment .

- Having a bad hair day and you can’t deal?  Throw on a turban or head wear. When you are mentally ready then work on your hair.

- Shrinkage ? - work with it or around it. But remember ,no matter how you stretch or band, once your hair comes in contact with water or moisture the rest is history

 - Want 12inches hair in 2weeks? - Buy a wig 😁