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Tribe , shipments to British Columbia is being delayed due to the severe weather conditions. We really appreciate your patience and we will keep you updated.

Blend of Nature’s Essence

Attracta's Ayurveda Secret was birthed by the need to use natural and safe ingredients to achieve aesthetic goals.

We use plants and their derivatives for their unique and beneficial properties, aiming at providing beauty solutions specifically for kinky, coily , culy and textured hair with the highest
sourced quality ayurvedic herbs.

We hope you enjoy our products as much as we enjoy offering them to you.


Hair Bars
Beard Care
Self Care Bundles
Hair Oils
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Ayurvedic Powders
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Lovely customer service and Fro Douse Hair elixir is a must try. Used it only for few days and my scalp no longer itches.


I started my ayurvedic journey with hair conditioning mask, the slip is off the chart. i ended up with premium soft hair.


Definitely buying the hair care pack trio again. Quantity for less pay.



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