Green House Effect vs Baggy Method

Baggy Method
Is simply applying a moisturizer or  leave-in to the ends of your hair. Or, if necessary, to your whole head. - Then, add your favorite oil or butter to seal in the moisture. If you need to baggy your ends, use a ziplock sandwich bag and then secure it with a band. If your whole head , place a plastic processing cap over your head. Keep covered for 3-4 hours, or overnight, if you wish remove the bag and style your hair accordingly.

Goal -To prevent breakage by moisturizing and conditioning hair or ends -Length Retention

Green House Method - Apply a natural oil( olive , grapeseed, almond , jojoba etc) on your dry hair. Avoid putting anything on the scalp. - Put on a plastic cap, followed by a silk/satin scarf or bonnet . And a hat to produce sort of steaming effect. Leave over night or hours .Take off all coverings , seal in any moisture generated.

-Accelerate hair growth
-stimulate your scalp's sebum

Consistency is key, but be careful so you don't experience hygral fatigue.